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Exploring 4 Types of Windows for Your Home

Home Windows

If you’re building a new home or maybe just doing some renovations, choosing the best windows for your home can be a big decision. Windows may seem like a black and white aspect of construction, but different windows provide different benefits. If you’re confused as to which type of window you want in the rooms of your home, don’t worry. Many companies handle multiple facets of home building such as roofing contractors who also perform gutter installation and window services. They will be able to help you find the best windows for the job.

When looking at the choices for your windows, there are a few options to consider.

Single- and Double-Hung

These types of windows are very popular in the average home and are operated by sliding either the top or the bottom part of the window up or down. On single-hung windows, the top half of the window remains in place while the bottom half can be moved vertically. Double-hung windows have the option of opening both the top or the bottom half of the window.

Casement Windows

This style of window operates by turning a crank which opens the window in the same fashion as you’d open a door. The windows are hinged on either the left or right side and then open the opposite side. Usually, these windows can’t be screened because they are opened outward and so a screen wouldn’t be able to be placed in front of the window.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are used to maximize the amount of ambient light in a room. They’re “walls” of large windows that may cover one or more sides of a room. These windows don’t usually open but may be fitted with a glass door of some sort to allow for outdoor access. They’re great for homes with a picturesque scenery that homeowners would want to view from inside their home. Hence “picture windows.”

Bay or Bow

Bay windows, or bow windows, are usually placed on a jut-out from the house. They tend to give a room more interior space because they often protrude from the side of the house. These can be a combination of different types of windows including stationary windows and either casement or single/double hung.

Not only do windows provide additional style to your home, but they can also save money as well. Depending on where you live, replacing old single pane windows with new Energy Star approved ones can save you up to $501 a year on your energy bill, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

So, when contemplating what type of windows to use in your home, consider all of the options that could save you money as well as what might accent certain qualities of the house.