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3 Reasons DIY Gutter Installation Is a Bad Idea

DIY Gutter Installation is a Bad Idea

Being a homeowner is great, but it also comes with some woes. Homes need maintenance. The average homeowner will end up spending 1-4% of the value of their home on maintenance and repair every year. This number tends to go up as the house ages. For example, a $200,000 home needs about $2,000 in annual repair.

Gutters are one structure in the home that many people forget about, but they are important to maintain. Having damaged gutters can lead to water damage, roof damage, storm damage, pest problems, and many other issues that affect the overall home. Many homeowners try to save money and replace their gutters themselves, and that’s not the best idea. Here are three reasons why that is, and why efficient gutter installation should be left to the professionals.

Costs Add Up Quickly

Many homeowners think that they can do gutter repairs more cost-effectively than a professional roofing company can. What many homeowners don’t realize is that the cost for materials adds up very quickly. You aren’t just purchasing the gutters. You also have to buy downspouts, clips, hangers, and adhesives. Professionals can get these materials at wholesale prices for significantly cheaper than the average homeowner can.

You Might Not Do It Right

As confident as you may be, they call them professionals for a reason. It may look easy, but of course, the professionals make it look easy. Gutter material may bend, break, or dent if improperly installed. If the gutters become damaged, they are then basically useless.

You Can Get Seriously Hurt

Professional roofing companies employ people who have completed efficient gutter installation many times, and they could probably do it in their sleep. Thousands of people get seriously injured from falling off of a ladder. No one plans to fall, but it happens. Fractures, concussions, paralysis, or even death can result from falling off of a ladder.

Gutter installation should really be left to the professionals. If you attempt to do it yourself, you are probably going to spend more money than you wanted, you might damage your gutters, and you can seriously hurt yourself. If you need your gutters replaced, call us today.