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Does Your Home Need a Gutter Gargoyle?

Gutter Gargoyle

If you thought there weren’t any fun facts about gutters and downspouts, then prepare to be amazed, mildly.

Gargoyles were actually invented as the first gutters. They were used by the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, and in all the world’s most famous cathedrals.

Gargoyles weren’t just cool and spooky, they were also incredibly functional. According to Wikipedia: “The first ever downspout to be installed was in 1240 on the Tower of London, as it was whitewashed and the newly painted walls had to be protected from the rain.”

Gargoyles were made with pipes inside to flush water away from the buildings, a function they still perform to this day.

After any necessary gutter repairs or seamless gutter installation, you should totally check out this sweet lawn accessory, the downspout gutter gargoyle. Here is one cool version, but there are lots of choices out there if you do some Googling. If you’re looking for the ultimate lawn decoration, why buy a garden gnome when you could have a gutter gargoyle instead?

What is a downspout and why is it so important?

The downspouts are the parts of your gutter that transport water down and away from the house. Without them, water would end up pooling around your foundation, causing water damage to your home. Water damage costs an average of $2,386 to fix. The cost of removing standing water reaches an average reported cost of $2,688.

It is for that reason you need to make sure downspouts are directed at least 1.8 meters away from your home’s foundation walls. Also, check to make sure the water doesn’t flow towards your neighbor’s home. Downspouts should always be directed away from your house towards a storm drain, the road, back yard, or back lane.

On average, homeowners will spend up to 4% of a home’s value annually on maintenance and repairs, which tend to increase as the house ages. For example, a $200,000 home would require at least $2,000 in repairs annually. To avoid costly repairs, check your roof, gutters, siding, and windows regularly.

Under normal circumstances, your roof should be inspected by a roof service once or twice a year. While you’re up there, why not take a look at your gutters? Gutters can catch leaves and other debris, which end up clogging the pipes. A clogged gutter can lead to serious issues for your home. Make sure you are checking for built up debris and clearing away any blockages you find.