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Siding Installation vs. Window Installation: Which Should Come First?

High Quality Windows Installation

When it comes to home renovations, most people don’t put much thought into the order their projects are completed; they do what they can with the time and resources they have and prioritize based on necessity. However, when considering certain exterior remodeling projects, such as professional siding repair and window replacement, there is an order of operations that, when followed correctly, yields the best results. Here’s what Angie’s List has to say about the order of completion of professional siding and high-quality windows installation projects.

Windows First, Experts Say

Many exterior remodeling experts suggest homeowners prioritize window installation prior to siding installation for financial reasons.

“It’s more likely that you’ll pay more if you add the siding first,” writes Angie’s List.

You should also keep in mind that the capping of your current windows — the aluminum covering that is typically added to exposed frames on the outside during the installation process — can become damaged easily when removing old siding, so they may need re-capping. Depending on the number and size of windows in your home, you could be paying upwards of hundreds of dollars more for this repair job.

The Best Option? Do Both At Once!

If homeowners must choose just one project at a time, most high-quality windows service professionals do suggest prioritizing windows. However, they also say that the ideal method is to complete both projects at once, if at all possible.

“Installing the windows first allows the contractor to set them into place and then precisely finish off all the capping surrounding the windows before adding the siding,” writes Angie’s List.

Other Alternatives?

If you’re in desperate need of siding replacement, don’t give up just yet. Angie’s List has one final tip for getting the most out of your money while making sure your home’s maintenance needs are met.

“If you’re hiring the same contractor to do both jobs and siding is the priority, ask if he or she will give you free window capping, if your windows need capped, when the time comes to install your new windows.”

Knowing this simple solution can save you some serious cash when it comes time to foot the bill!

Ultimately, in the average home, 38% of heat loss is through windows and doors. Window and siding maintenance is inevitably important, especially when attempting to improve home energy efficiency. But whichever remodeling project you decide to complete first, consider reaching out to Roofworks for the most professional siding and window installation services Maryland has to offer.