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Home Window Damage: The Importance of a High-Quality Windows Service

Window Damage

Windows are an important element of every home. Not only do they provide aesthetic value and allow for a connection with the outside world, but they also serve functional purposes as well. Sadly, windows don’t last forever. They can become damaged from a variety of causes. To help you better maintain your windows, this article is going to discuss a few common types and causes of window damages that homeowners should keep an eye out for.

Common Types of Residential Window Damage

Unfortunately, windows are not immune to damage. While windows can be damaged by obvious things like being hit and cracked, there are also some additional types of damages that can occur.

Broken Panes: Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to prevent a window from breaking. But how you take care of your windows can make them more or less prone to breaking. Older windows made of less durable materials will break easier than newer windows with thicker panes. Additionally, you should ensure you don’t use abrasive cleaners on your windows to avoid damage.

Rotting Frames: Wood frames and sills are unfortunately prone to rot. This is particularly true if you live in a humid area with plenty of rain. A high-quality windows service can repair a small section of rot, but it’s important to find the source of the rot to completely protect the remaining frame. Additionally, you should try to avoid getting water sprayed on the wooden frames and you should ensure they’re properly primed.

Failed Seals: If you’re noticing a draft around a window, it’s probably due to a failed seal. While 38% of heat is lost through your windows and doors, drafty windows can increase heat loss to 50%. Seals can crack due to exposure to fluctuating temperatures, but they can also crack if a homeowner failed to invest in high-quality windows installation.

The #1 Cause of Window Damage

Besides being hit with something, window damage can be caused by a variety of common problems. Without investing in a high-quality windows service, you’re increasing the risk of damage. However, age is probably the most common cause of window damage. Even the best seals can begin to crack and the frame can begin to warp away from the structure in time. If your windows are past their prime, it’s best to just get them replaced.

Weather can worsen damage to your aging windows. Storm damage, high winds, and exposure to moisture can cause significant wear and tear on your windows. High-quality windows repair can help fix any small damages caused by external elements, but if you live in a storm-prone area, you may want to consider investing in storm windows to further protect your home. And lastly, mold can cause serious damage to wooden window frames. If wood windows are not maintained and moisture is allowed to settle in, mold can begin to rot the frame from the inside.

Sometimes window damage is completely unavoidable. But by choosing to invest in a high-quality windows service, you can reduce the risk of damage.