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Dos and Don’ts: Maintaining Gutters in the Winter

Maintaining Gutters in Winter

Winter is here, and that means getting cozy inside your home and enjoying the snow. Unfortunately, a winter wonderland can easily be ruined by damaged gutters. Even the most efficient gutter installation can have trouble standing up to snow and ice, so that means you need to be on your homeowner game. To get started better maintaining gutters this time of year, follow these simple rules.

DO keep your gutters clean.

Clean out your gutters periodically to prevent debris and ice from building up. In the winter, this buildup can make the gutter heavy, potentially causing it to sag or break. To avoid costly gutter repairs, keep them as clear as possible.

DON’T let snow build up on your roof.

If excess snow builds up on your roof, you will have a flood of water running through your gutters once it melts. When the buildup becomes too much, call a professional to come remove it. This will keep your roof, gutters, and siding in better condition.

DO address leaks quickly.

The average household loses about $350 per year on air that leaks in or out of their home through gaps and cracks. As with the rest of the home exterior cracks, be sure to address any gaps or leaks in your gutters. This could indicate other structural problems.

DON’T forget your downspouts.

Your downspouts can potential get full with ice during the winter, causing further problems in the spring. While it’s easier to see issues with your gutters, keep an eye on the downspouts as well. By keeping them clear, you are keeping them from cracking or sagging.

DO call a professional when necessary.

When you do need gutter repairs, call a professional as soon as possible. They will come service your gutters and even provide efficient gutter installation. The professional can also give advice to prevent this issue in the future. By taking meticulous care of your traditional or seamless gutters in the winter, you can keep them in top condition all year around. This will keep your home’s exterior working as it should. And then you can have peace of mind while you sit by the fireplace.