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Do You Have Missing or Damaged Siding? Don’t Put Off Repairs

New Siding Installation

Is your home’s siding damaged or missing? Then, the time to invest in repairs is now. If you are wondering if emergency siding replacement is worth spending the money, we can assure it is. Homeowners will typically spend around one quarter of the home’s overall value on maintenance and repairs, and this is one service you will not regret investing in.

This simple purchase will end up saving you significant money over time, and it will keep your family safe and more comfortable, as well. Give the team at Roofworks a call right away. We can handle all of your siding installation, gutter repairs, and roofing services.

Why is Siding so Important?

A major reason you want to replace siding as soon as possible is to ensure water damage does not occur within your home. Water damage can easily cost well over $2,000 to fix, so simply investing in replacement siding parts will be a much affordable purchase in the long run.

It also helps protect the home from strong winds. Wind damage is typically more costly to fix than water damage, sometimes costing homeowners up to $10,000. Most types of siding can easily withstand high winds, even up to 110 miles per hour.

Concerned about your home’s curb appeal? Professional siding installation can make a huge impact on your house’s overall value, ensuring you get the money you deserve when it comes time to sell.

Finally, consider the difference it could make for your heating and cooling bills. Right around one third of most home’s annual energy bills are wasted on air that leaks in or out of the house, thus throwing off the internal temperature of the living space. This could easily amount to a few hundred dollars through the course of the year.

All in all, if your siding is missing, investing in emergency siding replacement is well worth it.

What Type of Siding Should I Get

Not sure what types of siding would be best to purchase for your home? Well, vinyl has proven the most popular according to the Census Bureau. Around 36% of new single-family homes chose this over other options and, should the wind rip it off, it will be the easiest to quickly replace.

We would love to talk with you about your options, as well as any emergency siding replacement needs you are experiencing. If you need new siding, there is no time to lose, contact our team of experts today.