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4 Ways to Prevent Weather Damage to Your Roof

Prevent Weather Damage

Your roof is more vulnerable than you might think, and unfortunately, roof repair and replacement can be expensive. On average, homeowners will annually spend between one and four percent of a home’s value on maintenance and repairs. So follow these roofing repair and maintenance tips on how to prevent weather damage and storm damage to your roof!

Watch your trees

If you have any tall trees, hedges, or bushes, make sure to keep an eye on them so you can prevent them from interfering with your roof. Overhanging dead tree branches and excess leaves can fall and put a hole in your roof, and leaves can clog gutters. You want to make sure you keep your gutters as clean as possible so there won’t be a risk for water damage in your foundation! This happens when the water has no place to go and eventually seeps down and pools at the base of your home.

Inspect your roof

As a general rule, make sure to have your roof thoroughly inspected once or twice a year. Make sure to look for bubbling areas that could signify that water is pooling underneath the surface, along with missing or damaged shingles.

Add insulation

This is especially important for those who live in snowier climates, as insulation will help to protect your roof from ice dams. These happen when too much heat escapes through your roof, and melts the snow up there. When it refreezes, it causes water to seep into your home. If you have an ice dam, it can result in expensive roof repair. On average, water damage costs an average of $2,386 to fix, and may even cause you to completely replace your entire roof.

Ventilate your roof

Proper roof ventilation will ensure that your roof stays secure to your home and that shingles and other pieces do not fly away during the next windstorm.

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