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Professional Siding Tips to Make Your House’s Exterior Last

Winter Siding Damage

Winter can be a pretty tough time for human beings to weather, but at least we have our homes to protect us, right? Yep. Our trusty homes take a beating from the elements all year long, but they really get rough treatment in the wintertime.

Even though it’s the toughest season on the exterior of a house, most homeowners are much less inclined to do work in the cold on the outside of their homes. As far as last year is concerned, about 36% of new homes in the United States used vinyl siding as the main material for the exterior wall, then brick at 23%, stucco at 17%, and fiber cement at 13%.

These exteriors have varying levels of durability, but no exterior is impervious to repetitious unchecked seasonal damage. Here is some professional siding advice that’ll make your exterior last through the ages.

Wash Your Siding

We can hear it now: “Do you have to wash your siding?” Yes. Just like roof repair and gutter repairs, your exterior walls need maintaining too. Mold grows everywhere and has no sympathy for your house. If left unchecked, it can get under your siding and start creeping into your insulation and walls. You can usually see it starting to grow a thin layer on your siding. Using a pressure washer on your siding before the winter hits will help assure you no mold is creeping in whilst under the cover of snow.

Check For Needed Repairs

The previous step leads to this one. Take stock in the physical appearance of your siding. A pressure washer is a nice tool because it not only cleans but acts as a strong wind and driving rain might. If you shake damaged or broken siding off your house or expose weaknesses, get them replaced before actual storm damage takes its toll.

Beyond that, your siding protects your walls from the cold. Insulation in your house only does part of the job of keeping your home warm if the outer shell is compromised. Repairs on your siding could help save on your energy bill.

Look after your castle! Especially as the weather gets more extreme. Look at your house as a whole and don’t forget your siding! If you don’t know where to start, talk to some professional siding repair professionals; they’ll help you analyze problems and find solutions that’ll keep your home toasty as father winter begins to howl.