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Spring Cleaning: Your Exterior Maintenance Checklist

Spring Cleaning Exterior Maintenance Checklist

With the last winter thaw right around the corner, it’s time to prepare for your home’s spring exterior maintenance. Snow, ice, and cold temperatures can be damaging to your home’s exterior in so many ways, and it’s important to begin inspection as soon as possible. By following this simple exterior maintenance checklist, you can identify the features that will require repairs this spring.

Exterior Maintenance Checklist

  1. Roof: Inspect your roof for any general damage or missing shingles. You can easily do this from the ground! If you see anything that looks like it might need repair or replacement, call a roof repair professional to schedule a more thorough inspection.
  2. Gutters: Ice and snow can cause cracks, leaks, and sagging in your gutters. Be sure to look for any of these problems, and be sure to remove any debris while you’re at it. Your gutters and downspouts are an integral part of your home’s function, so consider setting up yearly gutter cleaning maintenance programs before the spring rains begin.
  3. Windows: Inspect your window screens for any holes that may have formed over the past year. Walk through the interior of your house to check for drafts. Remember: 38% of heat loss occurs through windows and doors. This could increase to 50% if your home has single-pane windows.
  4. Driveway and Walkways: Winter thaws and freezes create cracks in concrete and warping in asphalt. Assess the severity of these cracks, as large scale damage could require replacement rather than repair.
  5. HVAC Systems: Try running your HVAC systems to ensure full function. While you likely noticed any heating problems during the winter, make sure that your air conditioner and ventilation systems are still working properly as well. In this case, an HVAC professional would know exactly what red flags to look for.
  6. Siding: Much like your roof inspection, walk around your house and check the siding for any cracks, missing pieces, or damage. If you see any of these problems, siding repair will be necessary.

If you notice any problems, or have any doubts about whether repair is actually necessary, be sure to hire a professional to address your home’s needs. From scheduling roofing repair and maintenance far in advance, to setting up gutter cleaning maintenance programs, diligence and organization will help you successfully implement your spring maintenance.