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Repair or Replace? What to Know Before Tearing Off Your Siding

Vinyl Siding: Repair or Replace?

As a homeowner, your siding is likely near and dear to your heart. After all, it’s the first thing you see when you look upon your lovely home! But what if it’s seen better days? If you’re noticing issues with your vinyl siding, it could be time to consider vinyl siding repair or replacement.

But which would be best for your home?

If you, like many other homeowners, are pondering this question, keep reading. Below, we’ll look at a few things you should look at before you decide to repair or replace.


Before you decide to toss all of your vinyl siding in the trash, it’s important to assess the damages. Is your siding loose or warped? Are there cracks and chips in a few of the panels? If you’re noticing issues in multiple areas around your home, it could be worth looking into replacement. But one of the best things about vinyl siding installation is that it’s so easy! If there are only a few places in need of fixing, a simple repair should do the trick. Replacing one or two panels is much easier than re-siding a whole house, after all.

Heating/Cooling Bills

Are your heating and cooling bills sky high? If you answered yes, the issue might just turn out to be your vinyl siding. A missing or damaged piece of siding can actually let air flow through your home, which may render your heating or cooling useless. If you’re unsure whether or not this is the case in your home, make sure you contact a trusted vinyl siding company in Maryland as soon as possible. When in doubt, the experts can help you.

Curb Appeal

No matter the state of your siding, it’s important to take curb appeal into account. This is especially important if you’re planning on selling your home in the near future. But even if you plan on staying in your forever home, there’s nothing wrong with a style update. If you’re tired of your current siding, switching to vinyl offers a host of benefits. For one, vinyl siding is rated for winds up to 110 MPH.

Whether you’re in need of repairs or a full on replacement, make sure you’re taking a look at these three things before you decide. And of course, make sure you’re working with an experienced vinyl siding company in Maryland.