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Debunking 4 Common Myths About Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding Installation

When it comes to siding installation, many homeowners have trouble deciding between materials. However, understanding the advantages and disadvantages is critical in order to make the right decision for your home’s needs. Vinyl, for example, is just one material that’s evolved in many ways throughout the years. Here are just a few common myths about vinyl siding installation.

Vinyl siding is weaker than other materials

While it’s true that vinyl hasn’t always been durable, manufacturers have come a long way in treating vinyl and making it much more resistant to wind and weather than other materials. In fact, most siding installation is rated for winds up to 110 mph. If wind does rip it off, note that vinyl siding is much easier to re-install than other types of siding. Furthermore, vinyl siding lasts an incredibly long time when properly maintained. It also never needs to be painted and can be cleaned using nothing more than soap and water.

Vinyl siding looks cheap

Once again, vinyl siding manufacturers have made strides in creating vinyl that looks more and more realistic and authentic. The Vinyl Siding Institute has said that almost 350 siding colors are certified for color retention. Proud Green Home says, “The variety offers homeowners a virtually endless palette of fade-resistant colors, combined with complementary trim, accents and accessories. Additionally, the texture and attention to detail on the siding panels make high-end vinyl siding nearly indistinguishable from wood clapboard, cedar shake shingles or other traditional materials.”

Vinyl siding is expensive

It may sound surprising consider its superior quality, but the cost of vinyl siding installation and materials runs much cheaper than other types of siding. It’s also important to keep in mind that while other types of siding require additional expenses for paints or stains, vinyl never needs upgrading or coloring.

Vinyl siding isn’t eco-friendly

Again, this may sound true, but when the entire manufacturing process is taken into consideration, vinyl siding is actually one of the greenest siding options for homeowners. It also has the best insulation, which saves homeowners on home energy costs.

Ultimately, being able to determine the facts about vinyl siding is the best way to make an informed decision regarding your home’s siding needs. For more information about types of vinyl siding, contact Roofworks, the best vinyl siding company in Maryland.