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5 Window Maintenance Tasks You Must Complete Before the End of Summer

Window maintenance

As summer comes to a close and the cooler weather rolls in, make sure you’re ready by taking care of these 5 window maintenance tasks. That way, when the air outside gets cold, you can stay warm and cozy by the fireplace.

The transition period between seasons is always the perfect time to prepare your home for the coming changes in weather. Depending on the climate in your region, your house might take a beating throughout the year.

Five Ways to Prepare Your Windows for Winter

Remove dirt and debris. Dirt, sand, leaves, and other debris can get caught in windowsills and moving parts of sliding door windows. Simply brush these areas off and clean them, to create a tighter seal when the windows are closed.

Replace weather stripping. Check the weather stripping around your windows. If it is worn or loose, it might end up letting cold air sneak inside, causing your heating system to work much less efficiently. Simply reattach or replace the weather stripping to keep your warm air inside, where it belongs. Similarly, make sure you reapply caulk or sealant around your windows as they may have been exposed to heavy weather or harsh sunlight during the hot summer months.

Repair or replace damaged surfaces. Cracked or rotting old wood windows will allow moisture and cold air into your home. Inspect your windows closely for water damage or moisture leakage, and replace any damaged wood. If you suspect that your roof or gutters are experiencing drainage problems, consult a professional as soon as possible to prevent water from damaging other parts of your home.

Install storm windows. Storm windows provide an extra layer of protection against moisture and air leaks. By ensuring that your windows are fully secure, you may be saving a ton of money on energy costs that would otherwise fly out the window through unintended gaps and cracks.

Replace old windows with energy efficient ones. A new high-quality windows installation can significantly lower your energy bills, especially in winter when you rely on your heating system to keep you warm. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that you could save up to $501 a year by replacing old single windows with new Energy Star approved models.

Once your windows are taken care of, you might as well inspect the rest of your home for problem areas that need attention. Check out your doors, roof, basement, and attic for weak spots that could leave you shivering all winter long.